Business and Technology Solutions

The Business and Technology Solutions Division is dedicated to supporting the Department of Public Works’ mission statement through the delivery of innovative and stable technology services to all the department’s business units.  This includes supporting more than 20 locations across the county so that relevant data regarding potential hazards, necessary repairs or infrastructure enhancements can be completed efficiently and accurately to enhance the quality of life for County residents.

Our business systems support consists of all applications within the department including requirements definition, development, testing, implementation and ongoing support. These functions can be completed in-house, through County’s Innovation and Technology Department (ITD), utilizing private consultants or through dedicated application vendors.  Among the variety of systems supported are CAD applications for the design of transportation, flood and solid waste infrastructure. Cost accounting systems are also employed for the accurate management and reporting of expenditures related to new construction projects, infrastructure maintenance and departmental overhead.  Waste management systems are also used to track the flow of refuse through the County’s landfill facilities providing accurate billing and tracking of waste disposal.  In addition to many other programs used to track Permits, Environmental Information, Road Data, Precipitation and more to support the department in delivering services to the public.

In providing hardware support services to the department, Business and Technology Solutions manages and maintains more than 400 user accounts and desktop PC’s, more than 100 mobile devices, and more than 20 servers.  Furthermore, the division also supports specialized hardware for various inspection driven tasks, transaction processing, proximity card readers, video streaming and coordinates with ITD to provide Local Area Network (LAN) resources and telecommunications resources for all the departments’ sites.

For Information Contact

Brad Ter Keurst
Business Applications Manager