Survey Document Research

The County Surveyor’s office research website has been redesigned to be a map centric research tool. Please view the user guide video for detailed instruction on how to use the research website.

Currently the research website may not work with Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

Research website

It is highly suggested going through the video, and then just trying the different buttons and options on the website.

All documents indexed in our online system will be made available for download at no cost. For those documents which are shown in our online index, but not available for download on the website, please contact our office at for assistance. We will scan and upload these documents as the need arises. For documents which are not part of our online index (old Flood Control Division field books, as one example), the user will need to come in to our public research counter to view and/or purchase paper copies of these older documents. Due to their limited use and access by the public, there are no plans to image and index these older documents at this time.

In addition to online download of records available from our office, we will still have our public counter available for document research. Paper copies of maps will continue to be available at our public counter per our current fee schedule. All document paper copies obtained at our public counter must be paid for by either cash or check at the time of purchase.

If you have any further questions on document research with our office, please contact us at
(909) 387- 8158.

Interactive map of the County Surveyor Historic Wall Maps (Last updated ~1992)

The wall maps were a series of hand drawn maps that used to hang on the wall in the county surveyor’s
office. The wall maps used to serve as a master index of Land Records within the County of San Bernardino.

County Surveyor Historic Wall Maps