Transportation Design

The Transportation Design Division consists of two sections: Design Engineering and Utility Coordination. The division is primarily responsible for the preparation of construction plans, specifications and estimates for County transportation improvement projects. Federally sponsored transportation projects are designed and coordinated through this division with other agencies such as Caltrans, FHWA, SBCTA, railroads, cities and adjacent counties. The division coordinates public outreach efforts with regards to upcoming and current transportation projects.

Design Engineering

The Design Engineering Section designs a wide variety of projects including new roadway construction, roadway widening and realignments, storm drain and drainage improvements, asphalt overlays, traffic signal installations as well as parking lot improvements, bike trails, sidewalk and ADA ramp installations. The section is also responsible for hiring and overseeing structural engineers for bridge projects.

Utility Coordination

The Utility Coordination Section works with utility companies on County transportation improvement projects. Coordination includes identifying existing utilities and relocating any utilities that conflict with County improvements. For utility service or location inquiries, please contact the local utility provider.

Approved Record Drawings

The division maintains approved record drawings of street improvements associated with County transportation improvement projects and of street improvements associated with private development along public and County road rights-of-way.

For requests regarding approved record drawings (street improvement plans) in the unincorporated areas of the County please call (909) 387-7940.The approved record drawings maintained by the division are available at no charge to the public for review.Copies may be purchased at our office for a fee of $2.70 per 24”x36” sheet.

For requests regarding approved record drawings (street improvement plans) on city roadways, please contact the respective city.

For questions concerning street improvement criteria required for new development or as part of Conditions of Approval, contact the San Bernardino County Land Use Services Department – Land Development Section at (909) 387-8178.

County maintained roadways

To obtain permit information and forms to work on County roadways or call the Transportation Permit Section at (909) 387-1863.

For Information Contact

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