The County of San Bernardino Solid Waste Management Division (SWMD) is responsible for the operation and management of the solid waste disposal system for the largest county in the United States.  Our disposal system consists of five regional landfills  and nine transfer stations.

Additionally, the SWMD administers the County’s Solid Waste Franchise Program with 20 Franchise Areas and the refuse collection permit program which authorizes and regulates trash collection by private haulers in the Unincorporated Areas.   Our goal is to provide efficient waste disposal sites to service the needs of our County.

For Information Contact

Darren J. Meeka
Deputy Director
(909) 386-8701

Large recycle containers with signage depicting which items should be placed within each container.
A large ravine with heavy machinery.
Heavy machinery at a waste disposal site.
A past waste disposal site now covered with layers of soil.
Construction carried out in a large ravine.
Recycling center with snow in the foreground.
A waste site with a scenic view of the mountains and a lake in the background.
Substation for waste management.
Heavy machinery climbing an incline at a waste disposal site.
Heavy machinery operating at a waste disposal site.
A large ravine.
4 large sealed cylindrical containers with PVC pipes connecting them together.
Many solar panels in a field.
A large construction site.