Survey Field

The Field Section is dispatched through the County Surveyor’s Office. The Field Section is comprised of field survey crews and supporting office staff. The primary function of the Field Section is to provide land surveying services for various County departments in need of said services.

The principal functions include:

Boundary Surveys: The Field Section performs property boundary surveys to retrace or establish existing or proposed County of San Bernardino properties owned in fee or held as an easement. The County Surveyor’s office does not perform boundary surveys on privately owned property. Upon completion of the field work, office support staff analyzes the data and prepares a map for filing as required by state law.

Preliminary and Construction Surveys: The Field Section provides topographic data collection and construction staking for county design and construction projects to various county departments. It is the responsibility of the Field Section to establish accurate horizontal and vertical control in conjunction with these projects. Field crews collaborate with other Public Works departments to maximize efficiency while working on county construction projects.

GPS: Using the latest Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment and techniques, the Field Section establishes primary and secondary horizontal and vertical control for various construction, aerial mapping and boundary surveys as well as projects requiring precise and accurate positioning. This system of positioning supports the accuracy necessary for the county Geographic Information System (GIS).

Survey Monument Preservation: There are two distinct functions the Field Section performs in this area. First, the Field Section monitors and assists other County Departments in the protection and perpetuation of existing controlling monuments or corners that may be destroyed during any construction or road work performed by the County. Second, the Survey Monument Preservation Fund allows for work to be performed in the retracement of historic land division lines and corresponding property corners. Both of these functions benefit the public by recovering and perpetuating survey monumentation which may otherwise have been lost.

For Information Contact

Jim Stone
Supervising Land Surveyor