Operations Division (Transportation and Flood Control)

Operations provides routine maintenance, snow removal and storm recovery operations on County maintained roads, as well as, routine maintenance and storm recovery operations on Flood Control District (District) Facilities. The division is divided in three regional maintenance sections (East Valley/Mountain Region, West Valley Region and Desert Region) and an Administrative Support Unit.

Operations performs maintenance and construction work on roads in the County Maintained Road System (CMRS) including debris removal, snow removal, and emergency traffic control during storms or emergencies; routine maintenance, such as pothole patching or other pavement repairs and grading dirt roads and shoulders of paved roads; construction projects, such as grading and paving new roads, overlaying and/or widening of existing roads; and construction of minor drainage improvements.

The District has developed a very extensive system of facilities including dams, conservation basins, channels, and storm drains. The purpose of these facilities is to intercept and convey flood flows through and away from the major developed areas of the County. The District is only responsible for work in the District right of way. Many natural watercourses are on private property or property owned by US Forest Services, Bureau of Land Management or other Governmental agencies. The District does not maintain any of these watercourses.

Administrative Support Section

The Administrative Support Section provides Administration Services for all division functions and operates the department radio base station. It receives records, distributes customer requests for service and provides data entry for numerous recurring reports.

Permits Division

The Permits Division’s function is to review and issue Permits for any proposed work or proposed use of County maintained roads or Flood Control Districts property ensuring adherence to County and District standards while maintaining public safety and protecting property. 

For Information Contact

Sameh Basta
Deputy Director