Franchise Agreements

Provided below are the current San Bernardino County exclusive Solid Waste Franchise Agreements, as well as any associated amendments to those agreements. Click on the links below to view the agreement and/or amendments for a particular County Franchise Area (CFA). For more information regarding these agreements, please call (909) 386-8701.

CFAFranchise Waste HaulerCommunities ServicedAgreementAdmendments
1Burrtec Waste IndustriesSan Antonio Heights, Mt. Baldy, portions of Lytle Creek2022 Restated AgreementN/A
2Burrtec Waste IndustriesUnincorporated Montclair2022 Restated AgreementN/A
3USA Waste of California, IncUnincorporated Chino/Chino Hills2022 Restated AgreementN/A
5Burrtec Waste IndustriesUnincorporated Fontana2022 Restated AgreementN/A
6Burrtec Waste IndustriesBloomington/Unincorporated Rialto2022 Restated AgreementN/A
8Burrtec Waste IndustriesMuscoy/Unincorporated San Bernardino/Del Rosa2022 Restated AgreementN/A
9Burrtec Waste IndustriesEl Rancho Verde/Unincorporated North Rialto2022 Restated AgreementN/A
10Jack’s Disposal, IncDevore/North San Bernardino/Del Rosa/East Highland2022 Restated AgreementN/A
11Burrtec Waste IndustriesUnincorporated Grand Terrace/Loma Linda2022 Restated AgreementN/A
12Empire Disposal, LLCUnincorporated Redlands/Mentone/Oak Glen/Angeles Oaks/Forest Falls/Mountain Home2022 Restated AgreementN/A
16Mountain Disposal Services, IncCrestline/Running Springs/Lake Arrowhead/Blue Jay2022 Restated AgreementN/A
17Big Bear Disposal, IncUnincorporated Big Bear2009 Agreement*2012 Amendment 1 to 2009 Agreement
2013 Amendment 2 to 2009 Agreement
2013 Amendment 3 to 2009 Agreement
2014 Amendment 4 to 2009 Agreement
2020 Amendment 5 to 2009 Agreement
18Advance Disposal Co.Unincorp Hesperia/Oak Hills/Spring Valley Lake2023 Restated AgreementN/A
19Burrtec Waste IndustriesUnincorporated Victor Valley/Oro Grande/Silver Lakes/Lucerne Valley/Johnson Valley/Landers2022 Restated AgreementN/A
20CR&RPhelan, Pinon Hills, Baldy Mesa (not including Phelan Pinon Hills CSD)2022 Restated Agreement2023 Amendment 1 to 2022 Agreement
21USA Waste of California, IncTrona/Red Mountain2009 Agreement*2012 Amendment 1 to 2009 Agreement
2013 Amendment 2 to 2009 Agreement
2013 Amendment 3 to 2009 Agreement
2014 Amendment 4 to 2009 Agreement
2017 Amendment 5 to 2009 Agreement
2020 Amendment 6 to 2009 Agreement
2022 Amendment 7 to 2009 Agreement
22USA Waste of California, IncUnincorporated Adelanto/El Mirage2022 Restated AgreementN/A
23Burrtec Waste IndustriesUnincorporated Barstow/Lenwood/Hinkley/Kramer Junction/Boron2022 Restated AgreementN/A
24Burrtec Waste IndustriesDaggett/Yermo/Newberry Springs2022 Restated AgreementN/A
25Burrtec Waste IndustriesMorongo Valley/Joshua Tree/Landers/Pioneertown/Flamingo Heights/Unincorporated 29 Palms and Yucca Valley2022 Restated AgreementN/A
*2009 is the most current agreement in CFAs 17 and 21.