Permits/Operations Support Division

Operations Support

This section strives to provide efficient and effective customer service to the constituents of San Bernardino County, as well as public and private agencies, County administration, other County departments and the Department of Public Works. Operations Support staff performs annual inspections of 221 basins and approximately 135 miles of concrete lined channels, 315 miles of earthen channels and 35 miles of underground facilities and appurtenances. Additionally, the section performs confined space inspections via the use of a Video Van, and conducts monthly tours of the Seven Oaks Dam, located northeast of the City of Highland, which is the largest earthen flood control dam west of the Mississippi River. The section administers annual permits, sand and gravel permits, license agreements and lease agreements. The section serves as the Districts liaison to local water agencies in an ongoing effort to maximize groundwater recharge through the capture of storm water, the importation of State Project water and the use of recycled water. The section also works with State and Federal agencies, such as the California Emergency Management Agency, the Department of Water Resources, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Natural Resources Conservation Service and the United States Army Corps of Engineers to recover eligible costs incurred and/or to rehabilitate District Facilities which may have been impacted as a result of declared disasters.

Transportation Permits

This section is responsible for developing, processing, administering, and issuing; encroachment, construction, excavations, moving, special event, and tree removal permits on a routine basis. Other duties include coordination of road closures and permit activities with Contracts and Operations personnel, other public agencies and public utilities; preparing written reports on permit matters; investigating and reporting on permit violations and complaints; revising of developing permit procedures as recommended by the Department Director and/or the Board of Supervisors. The section also performs permit and utility inspections; subdivision construction inspections to insure that roads in new developments are constructed to County standards and specifications; maintaining permit inspection plans, reports and files; managing bond records for approved projects that deal with routine bond items, extensions and foreclosures; also coordinates items with County Counsel and testifying in court on foreclosure matters. It is also responsible for coordinating with the County Office of Emergency Services, State Office of Emergency Services, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency in planning for emergencies and obtaining reimbursement for damages incurred during declared disasters.

Flood Control Permits

Control Permit Section provides relevant permit information and processes encroachment permit applications for work within the San Bernardino County Flood Control District’s right-of-way. The Section coordinates Departmental reviews and issues permits for activities such as construction projects, land use permits and general encroachment within District right-of-way. Permit types, procedures and compliance requirements vary with magnitude, location and type of project. Please contact the Permit Section office with specific questions regarding your project or for additional information.  

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