Transportation Planning

The Transportation Planning division is responsible for project planning for the Department of Public Works -Transportation functions. The division coordinates with federal, state, regional and local agencies to meet the many procedural steps and timeframes required by law for project funding, and submits state and federal grant applications. The division also coordinates the ‘Master Plan of Highways” with County’s Land Use Services Department. Transportation Planning is responsible for the selection, funding, and programming of County road projects for the Department and is organized in three sections – Long Range Planning, Engineering, and Pavement Management. Requests for information may be submitted by calling (909) 387-8166. Information on this web page is written in broad non-technical language for general understanding only. It is not intended to provide legal interpretation or any form of legal advice.

Long Range Planning
The Long Range Planning section is responsible for project funding administration, transportation development impact fee programs, transportation grant applications, transportation legislative analysis, the regional transportation plan, and coordination with other regional and local transportation agencies, such as Caltrans, SANBAG, and cities.

The Engineering section is responsible for project selection and programming; developing project scope and cost estimates; reviewing project plans, specifications and estimates; tracking project status; interacting with the public, other County departments, other local agencies, and utility and railroad companies; working with other agencies and consultants on large, multi-agency joint projects; and developing and monitoring of the Americans with Disabilities Act transition plan.

Local Road Safety Plan
The San Bernardino County Local Road Safety Plan (LRSP) identifies and evaluates collision hot spots and systemic risk factors on the County’s road network throughout unincorporated areas. and identifies proven countermeasures that can be implemented through roadway design changes and partnerships with stakeholders. An LRSP is a means for providing unincorporated County areas with an opportunity to address unique roadway safety needs while contributing to the success of the California Strategic Highway Safety Plan and statewide safety goals. The LRSP offers a proactive approach to addressing the County’s roadway safety needs and demonstrates the County’s responsiveness to safety challenges. This LRSP builds on the County’s prior roadway safety efforts and will serve as a resource for the County when it applies for future safety infrastructure funding under various state and federal grant programs.

San Bernardino County Local Road Safety Plan

Pavement Management
The Pavement Engineering Section provides pavement design services for the Department and management of the pavement management database. This section ensures that Department personnel are trained in pavement distress reporting and develops inspection schedules that cover system roads on a two-year cycle. The system generates reports that are used for developing the pavement maintenance budget and long-range pavement maintenance/rehabilitation strategies.

General information regarding Department funding and frequently asked questions can be found by downloading the following document:
County Road Book

Additional Questions relating to project selection and funding can be found by downloading the following information:
Transportation Master Plan
Transportation Funding Sources

Developer Fees
Developer fee plans to fund the construction of new roadways in many growing communities in the County have been created. The following are the most active of these plans and the map of proposed projects is available for viewing. These plans are in the process of being revised due to changes in growth patterns and construction costs. As the changes are made this site will be updated.

Regional Development Mitigation Program Report (Valley and Victor Valley Sphere areas)

Regional Development Mitigation Program Report (Valley and Victor Valley Sphere areas)
Regional Plan – Fee Schedule

Active Developer Fee Plans (Click to open plan)

Local Area Plans – Fee Schedule
Helendale/Oro Grande
High Desert (Phelan, Pinon Hills, Baldy Mesa) area
Lucerne area
Oak Hills
South/East Apple Valley area
Summit Valley Area

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