County Stormwater Inspection Program

Under the terms of the NPDES MS4 permit for the Santa Ana River Watershed the County is mandated to perform inspections of all businesses and industrial facilities located in unincorporated areas of San Bernardino County within the permit boundaries.These inspections ensure that businesses comply with the mandated stormwater quality regulations.They are not a property inspections.

The following are some frequently asked questions about the inspection program.


Stormwater and/or non-stormwater runoff from business facilities may be contaminated with pollutants from outdoor activities, outdoor storage of raw materials and other hazardous byproducts. When stormwater and non-stormwater discharges flow off-site, they can carry harmful pollutants which can enter drainage systems and local rivers and streams. In addition to impacting the beneficial uses of these receiving waters, the pollutants can also become a public health and safety concern.

The stormwater inspection program was established to ensure that the County of San Bernardino complies with Federal, State and local water quality regulations that apply to businesses under the permit issued by the State Water Quality Control Board. During the inspections, County inspection staff may be able to provide materials to help businesses comply with the regulations.

Stormwater inspections have been conducted since 2003, with the cost of the program being subsidized by the County. Since the County budget can no longer sustain the cost of these inspections, this fee was implemented and approved by the County of San Bernardino Board of Supervisors on June 26, 2012, and took effect on August 25, 2012.

Under the County Stormwater Inspection Program, a business located in a County unincorporated area is subject to inspection and will be charged a $338 inspection fee.

Follow-up inspections will be required in cases of non-compliance. These additional site inspections, at a fee of $238 will be conducted to verify completion of corrective actions at your site.

Businesses will receive an invoice after the inspection has been completed. The invoice will provide payment instructions.

These inspections will be to evaluate the site for stormwater compliance only. Depending on the facility conditions and your operating procedures, the inspector will review your facility and determine the inspection Risk Level for your facility (low, medium or high) and applicable frequency for subsequent inspections.

The inspection frequency for High Risk will be every year, for Medium Risk every 2 years and for Low Risk every 5 years.

The Risk Level is determined by many factors, including the type of business activity, the Standard Industrial Classification Code, applicable state permits, hazardous material use, and other factors. The San Bernardino County Department of Public Works determines the Risk Level for your business based on the following factors, including, but not limited to: hazardous materials used on site, the potential for pollutant discharges, on-going efforts to implement effective Best Management Practices, site size and location, including proximity to rivers and streams.

If you have any questions regarding your Risk Level, please contact us at (909) 387-8109.

No. Typical inspections are unannounced. However, if you have not received an inspection and would like to receive an inspection, please call our office number and we will process your request.

Yes. It is important to contact our office and request an inspection to evaluate the business Category and Risk Level.

No. The County of San Bernardino stormwater inspection fee is totally separate from the other licenses or permits your business may be required to obtain.

Yes. The stormwater inspection fee covers the cost of a single inspection and cannot be prorated.

On receipt of the invoice, you may either return the payment (cashier’s check) in the mail or pay at the Department of Public Works – Administrative Services Division, located at 825 E. Third Street, Room 207, San Bernardino, CA, 92415-0835.

The office is open Monday – Friday from 8 am – 5:00 pm. We do not accept payments online or by phone.

No. Stormwater inspectors will not be able to accept any form of payment.

No. We will not accept payment covering multiple years.