Transportation Permits

Permits Operation Support Division, Transportation Permit Section, is responsible for issuing permits for work within the County road right-of-way. All work within the County road right-of-way requires a permit from the Department of Public Works. If you are unsure as to which type of permit you need, please call us at (909) 387-1863. For Oversized Moving Permit please call (909) 387-8046.

  • EXCAVATION PERMITS allows excavation within the County Maintained Road System.  Example: utility connections. 
  • ENCROACHMENT PERMITS allows encroachment onto County Maintained Road rights-of-way.  Examples: power poles, block walls, or carports.
  • TRACT/CONSTRUCTION PERMITS allows construction within an existing County Maintained Road or construction of new roads being proposed to be maintained by the County. 
  • SPECIAL EVENTS PERMITS are required for temporary uses of County Maintained Road right-of-way.  Examples: community events or filming.
  • TREE PERMITS are free, but are required for cutting, replacing or removing trees within County Maintained Road right-of-way.
  • ROAD CLOSURE permits are required for closing a County Maintained Road for any length of time.

The following forms are available for download:

EZOP – Easy Online Permit System

The following permit types are now only available through EZOP, the County’s new online permit system.

Please note you will need the following document for the construction and encroachment permits.

  • Best Management Practice Acknowledgement *New* Required for permit submittals – Every Applicant must select the appropriate BMPs as described within the instructions (see sheet 3 of the form) and upload all six pages of this document.

Please note you will need the following document for Moving Permits