We are excited to announce that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has officially given the green light and granted funds for the Planning Phase of the Del Rosa Channel Project under the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP). This is a significant milestone for our community and a big win for everyone involved!

The Del Rosa Channel Project is set to improve and upgrade the existing channel along Del Rosa Avenue, starting from Pacific Street and heading north to Daley Basin. The main goal is to create a more efficient system for managing storm flows from the Daley Basin, which is located in the City limits of San Bernardino. As part of the regional plan, the upgraded channel will discharge into a fully improved segment at Pacific Street.

The Planning Phase of the Del Rosa Channel Project includes hydrology and hydraulic studies, the development of construction plans, geotechnical reports, the preparation of environmental documentation, and the updating of the scope of work and cost estimate.

The total budget for this phase is $3,760,000. FEMA is contributing $3,384,000, and the Flood Control District (FCD) is pitching in $376,000. Additionally, FEMA is allocating an extra $188,000 for project management costs.

This grant is designed to finance the Planning Phase of the project, with funds for subsequent construction activities to be applied for at a later date. This approval marks a significant step forward in our commitment to community development and ensuring the safety of people and their property. The Del Rosa Channel Project is instrumental in helping safeguard properties and structures from flood damage, reducing potential financial losses for individuals and communities.