The San Bernardino County Public Works Department has completed the Redwood Avenue and Other Roads Project in the Fontana Area. The project was funded by the County’s Measure “I” Local Streets Program – San Bernardino Valley Subarea that consist of pavement rehabilitation, removal of trees causing damage to sidewalks and/or curbs at various locations, and replacement of existing damaged sidewalk, curb, and asphalt dike at various locations, along the following locations:

  • Redwood Avenue, from Valley Boulevard to 300′ north of Ceres Avenue;
  • Live Oak Avenue, from Valley Boulevard to Merrill Avenue;
  • Elm Avenue, from Fontana Avenue to 160′ north of Citron Avenue;
  • Poplar Avenue, from Merrill Avenue to Ceres Avenue;
  • Hawthorne Avenue, from Cherry Avenue east to end; and
  • Hibiscus Avenue, from Redwood Avenue to end.

The Project aligns with the County and the Chief Executive Officer’s goals and objectives of ensuring development of a well-planned, balanced, and sustainable County by preserving and improving the structural integrity of existing road surfaces and providing for the safety of County residents by improving access for all pedestrians.