Oversized Load Moving Permits

Oversized/Overweight Load Permits are issued only for roads maintained by the County Department of Public Works. Oversized/Overweight Load Permits are required if over 65 feet long, over 80,000 lbs gross weight, over 14 feet high, or over 8′ 6″ wide.

Applicants are responsible for verifying that the proposed roads are in the County Maintained Road System (CMRS). After you have verified the road is in the CMRS you should check for Current Road Closures, bridge restrictions (Table) and road restrictions (ValleyDesert, and Mountain).

Applicants planning travel through the desert areas may also find useful information regarding National Trails Highway.

Some desert roads are within the Mojave Preserve and are maintained by the National Park Service. Please see the information below for the map, list of roads within the Preserve, and contact information.

Additional information regarding our Oversized Load Moving Permits can be found in our guide. For all other questions please call (909) 387-8046.

Applying for your permit

When you are ready go to our Online Permit Site to complete the application and pay by credit card or by charge account if one is established. Cash or Check is also an acceptable form of payment as long as it is mailed or hand delivered to our office at 825 E Third Street, San Bernardino, CA 92415.

Moving Permits for Mojave Preserve

Effective September 10, 2013 the County is no longer issuing Moving Permits in the Mojave Preserve. The roads in the Preserve are listed on the following table. Moving Permits in the Mojave Preserve are issued by the National Park Service. Please contact David Moore at (760) 252-6142.

Black Canyon RoadEssex Rd north 2.0 miles 
Black Canyon Road2.0 miles north of Essex Rd, north 8.19 Miles
Black Canyon Road10.19 miles north of Essex Rd, north to Cedar Canyon Rd
Cedar Canyon RoadKelso Cima east 2.36 miles
Cedar Canyon Road2.36 miles east of Kelso Cima, east to New York Mtn Rd
Cedar Canyon RoadNew York Mtn Rd east to Lanfair Rd
Cima RoadMorning Star Mine Rd east 0.07 miles
Cima RoadKelso Cima Rd north to 0.40 miles south of SH 15
Cima Road0.40 miles south of SH 15, north to SH 15 eastbound off ramp
Essex Road0.01 miles north of WB I-40 ramps, to 4.07 miles northwest of Black Cyn
Ivanpah RoadCedar Canyon Rd north to 2.43 miles southeast of UPRR
Ivanpah Road2.43 miles southeasterly of UPRR, north 0.50 miles south of Nipton Rd
Kelbaker Road0.01 miles north of WB I-40 ramps, northwest to south R/W SH 15
Kelso Cima RoadKelbaker Rd northeast to Cima Rd
Lanfair Road0.46 miles north of Goffs Rd, northwest to Cedar Cyn
Morning Star Mine RoadCima Rd north Ivanpah Rd 
New York Mtn Road End east to Ivanpah Rd

Map from the National Park Service