The San Bernardino County Flood Control District has completed the Cactus Basins No. 4 & 5 Project. The Project is funded by property taxes, fees, other local, state, and federal funding, FEMA grant, city of Rialto, San Bernardino County Transportation Authority, and Caltrans. The work, in general, consists of: dam foundation excavation and embankment fill, construction of reinforced concrete structures such as a concrete spillway, installation of pipe culvert, sluice gate and asphalt access roads, and doing other work appurtenant thereto. The Cactus Basins No. 4 & 5 Flood Control Project is a critical component of the Cactus Basin/Rialto Channel watershed, designed to attenuate large storm flows that will provide flood protection to residents, businesses, and public infrastructure in the surrounding downstream communities. These basins are designed to protect against a 100-year storm event and will be linked to Cactus Basins 3/3A, 2 and 1, which provide reduced outlet flows into Rialto Channel system. The Project aligns with the District and Board of Supervisor’s goals and objectives of ensuring the development of a well-planned, balanced, and sustainable county and providing safety, health, and social service needs of County residents.

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