WQMP Templates and Forms

Mojave Watershed

Mojave Watershed Post Construction Measures Plan (PCMP) Template

Mojave Watershed Water Quality Management Plan (WQMP) Template

Mojave Watershed Technical Guidance Post Construction Measures Plans

Mojave Watershed Technical Guidance Water Quality Management Plans

Santa Ana Watershed

Water Quality Management Plan (WQMP) Maintenance Agreement and Further Instructions

San Bernardino County WQMP NEW Maintenance Agreement Template (11-16-2020)

Santa Ana River Watershed Technical Guidance Document for WQMP Final – September 2013

Santa Ana, Appendix A – Transportation Project BMP Guidance and Template (editable)

Santa Ana, Appendix B – WQMP Template (editable) Final

Santa Ana, Appendix C – San Bernardino County Hydrology Manual Reference Pages

Santa Ana, Appendix D – OC Infiltration Rate Evaluation Protocol

Santa Ana, Appendix E – OC Conceptual Biotreatment Selection

Santa Ana, Appendix F – HCOC Exemption Criteria and Map

Appendix A

Table 3-1 Regulatory Requirements and Site Specific Characteristics

Table 4-1 Infrastructure and Project Specific Characteristics

Table 5-3 LID BMP Feasibility Analysis

Table 7-1 Conformance Summary

Tables A-1 through A-5 for HCOC

Table A-6 Drainage Swale

Table A-7 Infiltration Basins

Table A-8 Bioretention w_o Underdrains

Table A-9 Sidewalk Trees and Tree Boxes

Table A-10 Permeable Pavement BMPs

Table A-11 Bioretention with Underdrains

Appendix B

Form 2.3-1 Pollutants of Concern

Form 3.1 Site Location and Hydrologic Features

Form 3.2 Existing Hydrologic Characteristic of Drainage Area

Form 3.3 Watershed Description

Form 4.2-1 LID BMP Performance Criteria for DCV

Form 4.2-2 Summary of HCOC Assessment

Form 4.2-3 HCOC Assessment for Runoff Volume

Form 4.2-4 HCOC Assessment for Time of Concentration

Form 4.2-5 HCOC Assessment for Peak Runoff

Form 4.3-1 Infiltration BMP Feasibility

Form 4.3-2 Site Design Hydrologic Source Control BMPs

Form 4.3-3 Infiltration LID BMP (including underground BMPs)

Form 4.3-4 Harvest and Use BMP

Form 4.3-5 Selection and Evaluation of Biotreatment BMP

Form 4.3-6 Volume Based Biotreatment – Bioretention and Planter Boxes with Underdrains

Form 4.3-7 Volume Based Biotreatment – Construction Wetlands and Extended Detention

Form 4.3-8 Flow Based Biotreatment

Form 4.3-9 Conformance Summary and Alternative Compliance Volume Estimate

Form 4.3-10 Hydromodification Control BMP

Form 5.1 BMP Inspection and Maintenance